Norm Glasses

Eyes, ears, and mouth are the primary organs that humans use to transmit information in and out. Smart glasses can display, can talk, and can listen. In comparison to computers and smart phones, if done right, smart glasses are better choices for human machine interaction. With the progress of technology, people believe that smart glasses will be the new norm.

For people to wear them, smart glasses need to look nice on face, lightweight; their functionalities should be able to justify the cost of purchase. Unfortunately, these turned out to be quite challenging, smart glasses aren't on the streets yet.

We hope that Norm Glasses can bring some changes to this situation.

Internet VUI

Voice is the most natural medium for us to communicate with the outside world. However, In the past years, Internet was designed to be accessed using keyboards, mouses, fingers, etc.. Currently the majority of content on the Internet are not voice friendly.

Built on top of TeleTender, we are creating a service that allows people to access any web page using voice.